How to Start Another (Remarkable) WordPress Blog

So many people I run into have a not-so secret desire.

Website lust.

It ranks up there with that other ubiquitous hidden hankering, to become an author. Both of those goals are with in your reach. Really. No, really! Both take commitment and some strategy. But the gatekeepers that made these achievements attainable for only a rarefied few have been banished to the sidelines by paradigm-shifting cyber innovations. A personal computer. Heck, even a smart phone or an Internet-connected tablet will do. An Internet-connected device. That’s it.

Posted by ltsailiata

Whether writing fiction as Lara Britt or creating copy as Lori Tian Sailiata or assuming a client's identity as a ghostwriter,  I pen pieces with purpose, precision, and  principle.  All forms of writing should alter your being and urge you to action. Words work. Design is visual storytelling. Stories convey meaning. Their structure serves a purpose. Words + Design + Strategy = Audience Delight. Why? Those are the magical elements of storytelling.

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